Other Adventures

Tiki Golf
Travel into a world of mini golf fun with Laser Island's outdoor Tiki Golf. Adventurers will swing their way through a tropical 9-hole miniature golf course that daunts even the most accomplished golf enthusiasts. 
Tiki Golf Pricing
  1 Round of Tiki Golf
$ 6 per player
  Additional Rounds of Tiki Golf
$ 4 per player

CoCo Climb
Rock climbers beware! Laser Island's CoCo Climb is an adventure that will take you to new heights. Adventurers get to strap in and propel themselves up a 20-foot coconut tree in order to test their strength and courage.

Interested in challenge mode? Have your climbs timed to see how quickly you can scale up the towering tree. Want company? Invite two fellow thrill seekers to race you and see who can hit the timer button first in order to be crowned CoCo Climb King.
Not for the light-hearted, this vertical adventure is designed for individuals weighing between 40 to 250 pounds.
CoCo Climb Pricing
  CoCo Climb Adventure  $ 6 per player
  Additional CoCo Climb Adventures
 $ 4 per player
Laser Island's arcade has games for just about everyone and is sure to challenge your skills.

Master Nom-Nomers can chomp on power pellets in Ms. Pac-Man. Skilled tactile engineers can accomplish Time Crisis III mission objectives with grace and ease. Building Block Artisans can topple Stacker to win cool prizes! Avid treasure hunters can win tickets from a variety of ticket games and, then, redeem their treasure trove for phenomenal loot at our Ticket Hut.

Token Specials
   $10 Token Special
 Receive 40 Tokens + 5 Bonus Tokens = 45 Total
   $20 Token Special
 Receive 80 Tokens + 20 Bonus Tokens = 100 Total
Trifecta  1 Laser Tag Adventure, 1 Tiki Golf, 1 CoCo Climb $ 18 per player
4-Hour Unlimited
 Unlimited Laser Tag, Tiki Golf, and CoCo Climb
$ 27 per player
Gift Certificates
Out of time and zero ideas? No need to worry with a Laser Island Gift Card!
Our Gift Cards are available for any amount and good for anything in the store!